Year 9 Visual Art A

Year 9 Visual Arts A

Course Description

Visual Art (Ceramics and Printmaking) will explore the specific techniques of clay work and printmaking. Students will learn about where these art forms have originated and how they are used differently by a range of artists. Within these areas students will use a variety of mediums such as white and terracotta clay, lino prints, relief prints and printing on textiles. Existing and past ceramicists and printmakers will be explored and presented through a visual study and a folio.  

Topics may include:  

  • Clay work (types of clay, shape, techniques, firing, joining, shape, form, texture)  
  • Printmaking through lino cutting, relief prints and printing on textiles
  • Researching ceramicists and printmakers 
  • Create a folio and visual study to display your learning of these mediums 


Students are assessed against the technologies Australian Curriculum achievement standards:

  • Practical component
  • Theory component
  • Portfolio – personal journey of development

Additional Information:
There is a subject fee of $10.00 to cover some consumables required during practical classes.

Creative Arts subject flowchart

Year 9 Visual Art A

Watch the video below for further insight and to find out why you might like to study Visual Art A in Year 9!