Governing Council

Governing Council

Governing councils are bodies that govern a school. Governing councils work with the site principal to help set and monitor the direction of a site. Our governing council meets regularly (twice a term) to discuss the direction for the College.

Meetings are a big part of being on a governing council, but it’s not only that. In your role on the council, you might:

  • be on an interview panel to select the site’s principal
  • need to deal with media in response to an event or a good news story
  • be an employing authority (such as for canteen staff)

You do not work alone when you are on a governing council. You and the principal have shared responsibilities, but your day-to-day involvement is different.

In your role on a governing council, you work with the principal to:

  • involve the local community
  • develop and approve local policies
  • set the broad direction and vision of the site
  • monitor and review the site improvement plan

Once a year the College holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM). In the lead-up to the AGM the governing council will call for nominations and, at the time of the meeting, will hold elections. Each year parents, carers and community members are encouraged to consider nominating for this important volunteer role and the College welcomes enquiries through administration.

2023 Governing Councilors

Jess Rogers – Chairperson
Ellen Sanders – Deputy Chairperson
Jodie Allsop – Secretary
Deb Buchhmann – Treasurer

The Governing Council can be emailed at