Middle Years

Middle Years

Middle Years Learners
We know that when our middle years learners come to us, their brains, bodies and emotions are going through significant change.  An adolescent learner’s brain is going through the most significant development it will make before they reach adulthood.

As educators, leaders and as a school community, we are committed to not only supporting our students as they go through this significant development in their lives with compassion and kindness, but empowering them to thrive in their responses to it.

Middle Years Curriculum
With this in mind we seek to develop curriculum and learning experiences that recognise and reflect the intricacies of how middle years students learn.

We want our students to be engaged not only cognitively but also socially, emotionally and behaviorally.  To enable them to do this our students will engage in learning about how they learn, they will develop an understanding of how their brains respond to challenges and how they can train their brains to do things differently.  They will learn about the importance of self-regulation in becoming a powerful learner.

Our educators are highly skilled in developing learning opportunities that reflect the way adolescent learners learn best; designing tasks in which the purpose is clear and relevant, providing numerous ways to demonstrate their understanding and ensuring that all students have opportunities to have their voice heard in relation to their learning journeys.