Teaching and learning


Our learning design reflects not only proven practices, but also embraces emerging innovative practices.

We use digital technologies to accelerate, amplify and add value to learning.

Reimagining learning


Our learning partnerships embrace student agency.

Our collaborative practices connect learners to authentic and purposeful opportunities within and beyond the school.

We provide multidimensional spaces that offer flexibility for curiosity and connected collaboration.

Realising new possibilities


We develop, with intentionality and precision, comprehensive and measurable competencies which empower our students to thrive.

We strategically design practices that create a culture of learning that cultivates energy, creativity, curiosity, imagination and innovation in which rigor and stretch are embraced.

Personal excellence is supported through feedback that deeply engages and motivates.

We nurture in students the ability to develop a strong understanding of themselves as individuals and how they contribute to their communities.

Ready for the future

The Four Elements

As well as the vision and pillars, the four elements and six global competencies, described below, inform our teaching and learning.

Four elements that shape our teaching and learning can be summarised as:

Learning partnerships 
Dramatically new learning relationships that shift voice, control and interactions, not just between teachers and students but also in creative ways that allow individuals across classes, schools, states and countries within and outside educational contexts.

Learning environments 
The cultivation of a culture that embraces and accelerates learning, and the design of physical and virtual spaces that optimises teaching and learning.

Pedagogical practices 
Our teaching practice is a fusion between research-based, proven practice, as well as emerging innovative practices, such as design-thinking, learning co-design with students, augmented and virtual reality, community feedback.

Leveraging digital 
Utilising the role that interaction with digital tools (devices, software, apps, clean technologies) can play in enhancing deep learning and in connecting within and outside our learning spaces.

Six Global Competencies

The six global competencies can be described as:

Proactive stance toward life and learning, grit, tenacity, perseverance and resilience, empathy, compassion, integrity.

Thinking like global citizens – commitment to human equity and wellbeing, commitment to human and environmental sustainability, empathy and compassion for diverse values and worldviews.

Working interdependently and in teams, interpersonal skills, social/emotional/intercultural skills, managing team dynamics and challenges.

Communicating effectively in a variety of ways with a variety of people, voice and identity expressed to advance humanity.

Having an entrepreneurial eye, looking for opportunities, leadership which turns into action.

Critical Thinking
Evaluating information and arguments, making connections and constructing meaningful knowledge, experimenting, reflecting and taking actions on ideas in the real world.

The synergy that these pillars, elements and competencies create ensures a culture of rigorous teaching and learning, which at the same time puts joy into teaching and authentic, deep learning.