School Improvement

School Improvement

The research is clear about the strong links between expert teaching, quality leadership and student achievement and growth. The highest performing schools and school systems support expert teaching and quality leadership by clearly articulating the steps teachers and leaders must take to continually improve their practice.

At Goolwa Secondary College our Site Improvement Plan does just that; it is the result of an improvement planning process that has been co-constructed with leaders and teachers and is based on the learning needs of the students.

Across our College, we seek growth for every student, in every class. The work towards creating an environment that encourages and enables continuous improvement in our College is well supported by many structures and processes.

Our improvement cycle sets out 5 steps.

Our College has two goals within our Site Improvement Plan that focus on literacy improvement, one specifically related to reading and one to writing and one goal that focuses on mathematics improvement.

For more information, links to the documentation are listed below for further reading.

Site Improvement Plan Summary (SIP) 2023-2024