Principal’s Welcome

Rebecca Moore

Goolwa Secondary College…
Realising new possibilities – Wurra-walan Puldangk

Rebecca Moore, most recently a principal consultant for primary and secondary schools in the south of Adelaide, has been appointed to lead the new school. Rebecca’s energy and passion for education along with her outstanding experience will be truly valuable in creating a new school with its own individual personality, and community.

Welcome to our College! You’ll find our culture is characterised by energy, passion, and commitment; we provide an educational environment where all within in it thrive. Within Goolwa Secondary College our students, educators, and staff are supported to develop high expectations of themselves and of each other.

Through the College pillars of innovation, collaboration and excellence, together we challenge traditional models of education to reimagine secondary education. Our physical environment (fully refurbished contemporary learning spaces, nestled within a beautiful natural landscape) and our progressive approach to curriculum and teaching practice support the realisation of this.

At Goolwa Secondary College we not only partner with each other, but creatively find ways of authentically partnering with others across the local community, other schools, businesses, and industry near and far. Within these partnerships we develop dramatically different learning relationships that shift student voice, control and agency creating opportunities for authentic, deep learning.

Our graduates will leave the College deeply connected and invested in their communities – socially, emotionally, and ethically. They will have the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and competencies to positively shape their futures.

We are excited to be able to share our approach with you.