Learning and wellbeing are closely linked. Children and young people with good wellbeing are more engaged and successful learners. Likewise, gaining a good education is a key contributor to positive lifelong wellbeing outcomes.
(Wellbeing and Learning for Life Framework)  

At Goolwa Secondary College we have a range of initiatives and programs to support student wellbeing and engagement in learning.

The Breakfast Club

Research shows that a child’s ability to concentrate in class, self-regulate and learn is negatively impacted if they are hungry. 

Further to this, research demonstrates that a student’s ability to concentrate in class, self-regulate and learn is enhanced by eating breakfast. Put simply, children who eat breakfast are more able to master the tasks necessary to do well in school. 

At Goolwa Secondary College our students have access to the Breakfast Club each school morning in our central courtyard area. Both students and staff enjoy supporting the initiative through volunteering their time to ensure each student starts the day in the best possible way. 

The Wellbeing Hub

The Wellbeing Hub provides a safe and welcoming space for students to access a broad range of information and support which promotes health and wellbeing.  

Students seeking private and confidential discussions with members of our Wellbeing Team – which include our Pastoral Care Worker and Wellbeing Leader – can make appointments to meet with them in our Wellbeing Hub. The Hub consists of two rooms that are well suited to small groups and individual sessions, in a quiet space that facilitates safety and security.  

With a focus on wellbeing for learning, our Hub allows a safe space for students to self-regulate before returning to class. 

The services of the Wellbeing Hub promote 

  • partnerships with health and community services which improve access to timely services and support
  • linking young people and their families to services and resources
  • whole-of-school initiatives that improve health and wellbeing and reduce risk factors for ill-health. 

Other Wellbeing and Engagement Opportunities
Goolwa Secondary College supports the wellbeing and engagement of our students through individualised and group programs designed to support the unique needs of each student. The Wellbeing Leader coordinates a team of support staff to facilitate this support.