Year 9 Science

Year 9 Science

Course Description

In Year 9 students consider the operation of systems at a range of scales and how those systems respond to external changes in order to maintain stability. They explore ways in which the human body system responds to changes in the external environment through physiological feedback mechanisms and the reproductive processes that enable a species to respond to a changing environment over time.

Topics from Learning Assessment Plan

In Year 9, students begin learning more aligned to the major disciplines of Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Learning in Semester 1 includes:

  • Chemistry – chemical reactions
  • Chemistry – atomic models
  • Biology – body coordination


Creation of a scientific poster or model, yeast fermentation analysis, short and long answer response and Scientific essay.

Science subject flowchart

Science : what is it for?

Watch the video below for further insight, and to find out precisely why Science is such an important part of the curriculum.