Year 9 Design and Technology A

Activities in the courses are divided into two main areas: Introduction to the workshop and Introduction to design. In ‘Introduction to the workshop’, there is a strong emphasis on developing safe workshop skills and procedures.  Safety rules for the workshop are discussed, established and rigorously enforced. 

In ‘Introduction to design’, there is a strong emphasis on developing independent construction skills.  The students are introduced to the format of design and construction that will continue with them in Technology through to SACE Stage 2.  They develop their own designs, plan out the construction, then build, finish and evaluate their design. 

Topics may include:

  • Technical Drawing 
  • Computer Aided Drawing (Autodesk Inventor) 
  • Woodwork 
  • Metalwork – Sheet metal fabrication 


Students are assessed against the technologies Australian Curriculum achievement standards in the following assessment types:

  • Practical applications 
  • Written assignments 
  • Class participation 

Additional Information:
To participate in practical classes, machine and workshop safety sign off sheets and theory work must be completed. Enclosed footwear is needed at all times when participating in practical activities  

Additional non-contact time: