Year 9 Creative Arts B

A drama focused course that looks to create a piece of children’s theatre to perform at both the Goolwa Child Care Centre and/or Goolwa Primary school. Students will work together, taking on either an onstage or offstage role, to create their own short performance.   

Topics may include:

  • Children’s theatre 
  • Directing 
  • Performing in Children’s theatre 
  • Structuring a Production  
  • Producing a production.  


Creative Arts B will look to meet the The Arts Australian Curriculum Drama criteria. Assessments will include: 

  • Production Journal 
  • Performance 
  • Reflection of impact 

Additional Information:
Excursion: There may be an excursion to watch a performance within the local community. We will also need to travel to either the local primary school or Child Care Centre to perform our production.

Additional non-contact time:
Our performances will likely run during scheduled class time, however, the group may decide that a public performance would be beneficial, therefore, could be considered.