Year 9 Creative Arts A

Lights, camera, action! Creative Arts A looks to get you film ready teaching you how to write, direct, design, and act in film. The course will culminate in a short film festival. 

Topics may include:

  • Script writing 
  • Film techniques 
  • Acting for camera 
  • Lighting and sound design 
  • Costume and make-up 


Creative Arts A will combine Drama and Media Arts to provide a holistic Performing Arts course. The work will focus on collaborative work and individual development of skills.  

  • Annotated Script 
  • Production Journal 
  • Short Film 

Additional Information:
Excursion: There may be an excursion to a film festival. This will be determined during the Semester depending on festivals that are running.

Additional non-contact time:
Our performances will likely run during scheduled class time, however, the group may decide that a public performance would be beneficial, therefore, could be considered.