Year 9 Agriculture

Food and fibre are the human-produced or harvested resources used to sustain life and are produced in managed environments such as farms, gardens and plantations, or harvested from wild populations. There are many challenges for modern day world food and fibre production due to an increasing world population, uncertain climate and competition for resources such as land and water.  Students will be involved in hands-on practical work and may also be involved with agricultural animals, learning appropriate handling and considering health and welfare. Students will learn and develop skills in designing appropriate spaces, real life problem solving, communication skills, sustainability and collaboration.   

Topics may include:

  • Laying hens 
  • Fruit orchard
  • Olive grove 
  • Vegetable patch planning and planting 
  • Aquaponics  


Students are assessed against the Design and Technologies – Food and Fibre Production Strand within the Australian Curriculum achievement standard through the following assessment types:

  • Practical applications
  • Written assignments 
  • Class participation 

Additional Information:
There may be excursions organised to local farms and businesses that work in the Agriculture industry. Appropriate protective clothes will be provided (overalls/boots) to protect school uniforms. Suitable enclosed footwear is compulsory for all practical lessons. Safe and ethical behaviour around animals and equipment will be required at all times.  

Additional non-contact time:
Students may nominate (with permission) to assist in checking animal welfare over weekends and school holidays. This will not be compulsory.