Year 8 HASS

Year 8 HASS

Course Description

At Year 8 the HASS curriculum becomes more specific and targeted for students. Students are exposed to the four curriculum areas: History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, and Economics and Business.  Students will undertake one school term of each subject.

Topics from Learning Assessment Plan

Economics and Business

  • $20 Boss
  • Markets and Trade
  • Business

Civics and Citizenship

  • Government
  • Local Issues
  • Immigration, Indigenous Australia and Democracy


  • Fieldwork
  • Landscapes and Landforms


  • The Middle Ages 650-1750, including the Black Death and Medieval Europe

Assessment and Rationale

Inquiry task, Surveys, Product Creation, Letter to Government, Group Presentation, Fieldwork report and Source Analysis

History : what is it for?

Watch the video below for further insight, and to find out precisely why History is such an important part of the curriculum.