Year 7 Health and Physical Education

Year 7 Health and Physical Education

Course Description

The Year 7 and 8 curriculum expands students’ knowledge, understanding and skills to help them achieve successful outcomes in classroom, leisure, social, movement and online situations. Students learn how to take positive action to enhance their own and others’ health, safety and wellbeing. They do this as they examine the nature of their relationships and other factors that influence people’s beliefs, attitudes, opportunities, decisions, behaviours and actions. Students demonstrate a range of help-seeking strategies that support them to access and evaluate health and physical activity information and services.

The curriculum for Years 7 and 8 supports students to refine a range of specialised knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to their health, safety, wellbeing, and movement competence and confidence. Students develop specialised movement skills and understanding in a range of physical activities. They analyse how body control and coordination influence movement composition and performance and learn to transfer movement skills and concepts to a variety of physical activities.

Students explore the role that games and sports, outdoor recreation, lifelong physical activities, and rhythmic and expressive movement activities play in shaping cultures and identities. They reflect on and refine personal and social skills as they participate in a range of physical activities.

Topics from Learning Assessment Plan

Health and Physical Education is broken into two areas as per its name.

The Health curriculum covers the following:

  • Relationships and Mental Health
  • SHINE (relationships and sexual health education)
  • Physical Activity and Nutrition
  • Decisions I can make

The Physical Education component covers:

  • Balance and Movement
  • Athletics
  • Volleyball
  • Net Games – Badmington / tennis / Table Tennis
  • Striking and Fielding

Assessment and Rationale

Assessments in Health and Physical Education is a mixture of practical theoretical assignments throughout the year. Students will complete:

  • Food and Movement diary
  • Healthy choices research task
  • Skill development
  • Active involvement

Health and Physical Education: what is it for?

Watch the video below for further insight, and to find out precisely why Health and Physical Education is such an important part of the curriculum.