Year 7 HASS

Year 7 Hass

Course Description

The Year 7 curriculum deepens discipline-specific knowledge, understandings and skills with opportunities for integration across the sub-strands. Students study ancient societies of the East and West, how they are investigated, and what investigations show of their contribution to modern social, political and economic systems.

Students investigate the nature of water as a natural resource in different global places and times, and the effects, issues and solutions of its use, management and value by different people, past and present. They also explore the livability of places in relation to diverse people and places, familiar and global, past and present.

Students examine work, consumers, producers and markets and their role in economic sustainability, across time and place. They investigate Australia’s commercial, social, legal and political institutions, processes and values and their role in enabling a stable, secular, multi-faith society, whereby organisations and individuals may operate effectively and individuals and groups may express their diverse identities.

Topics from Learning Assessment Plan

HASS is a full year subject which covers the subjects od History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship and Business and Economics.

Civics and Citizenship

  • My Own country
  • The acknowledgements


  • Common Stories
  • Archaeology
  • Ancient Egypt


  • Water in the World
  • Place and Liveability

Economics and Business

  • $20 Boss

Assessment and Rationale

Assessments in HASS allow students to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways. These include; the creation of a rain gauge and report, photo stories and reflections, starting a small business, investigations and research.

HASS subjects flowchart

History : what is it for?

Watch the video below for further insight, and to find out precisely why History is such an important part of the curriculum.