Year 10 Visual Art A

Year 10 Visual Art A

Course Description

Year 10 Visual Arts is an engaging and comprehensive semester-long course that aims to develop students’ artistic skills, creative thinking, and cultural artistic understanding through the exploration of various mediums, techniques, and artistic concepts. This semester’s topic focuses on “Exploring Creative Expression,” providing students with a platform to investigate, analyse, and create art that reflects their personal experiences, cultural diversity, and social contexts. 

Topics may include:

  • Exploring how artists express creativity 
  • Investigate, analyse and create art that reflects their creativity, culture and social contexts
  • Exploring personal preferences in viewing and creating Art, including medium and form 

Assessment and Rationale

Practical Components

  • Application of learnt skills
  • Growth and development throughout the topic

Theoretical components

  • Evaluation of students’ understanding, skills, and creativity.
  • Analysis of artists’ works and styles


  • Personal journal of development
  • Solid foundation of study material to pursue further studies in Visual Arts

Additional Information:
Students will liaise with local artists and galleries within the community with excursions to local art galleries or interviews with accomplished local talent. 

Additional non-contact time:
Students create a walk though Gallery for the college students and Staff, during break/connect times (as timetabling allows) possibility for open gallery night to include wider community and parents. Also, possibility for SALA entries if course runs around August. 

There is a subject fee of $15.00 to cover some consumables required during practical classes.

Creative Arts subject flowchart

Year 10 Visual Art A

Watch the video below for further insight, and to find out why you might like to study Visual Art A in Year 10!