Year 10 Physical Education B

Year 10 Physical Education B

Course Description

This course provides the opportunity for students to develop their skills and knowledge in physical activity, making positive choices and developing positive relationships. The emphasis will be on team-based sports with opportunities for students to take on roles other than a player, as well as analyse and develop their own skills and health in a practical setting. 

Topics may include: 

Practical Topics: 

  • Net and court games 
  • Field invasion games 
  • Court invasion games 

Theory Topics:  

  • Fitness components and evaluation 
  • Training principles  
  • Skill analysis 


Students are assessed against the HPE Australian Curriculum achievement standards:

  • Practical application of skills and strategies 
  • Written assignments and theory work 
  • Class participation 

Additional Information:

Students must wear appropriate footwear for physical activity including shoes that are appropriate for practical lessons.

Year 10 Health and Physical Education B

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