Year 10 Outdoor Education

Year 10 Outdoor Education

Course Description

Year 10 Outdoor Education focusses on developing a deeper appreciation of outdoor recreation activities. Students engage in adventurous activities as a way of exploring self and nature, and apply lessons learned to everyday living. Students assume leadership roles, they assess and manage risk in both recreation and everyday life. Students develop and reflect their understanding of the impact of decision making on natural environments through investigation of issues relating to conservation

Topics may include:

The four pillars underpinning Outdoor Education are:  

  • Skills and knowledge  
  • Human- nature relationships 
  • Conservation and Sustainability 
  • Health and Wellbeing 

Assessment and Rationale

Students are assessed against the HPE Australian Curriculum achievement standards:  

  • Practical application of skills and strategies  
  • Written assignments and theory work  
  • Class participation 

Additional Information:
There will be a 3-day – 2-night camp that is involved as part of this subject.

To cover the cost of transport and equipment hire, there is an additional cost to families to study this subject. This additional cost is $100.00 and is required to be paid prior to beginning this subject.

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Year 10 Outdoor Education

Watch the video below for further insight, and to find out why you might like to study Outdoor Education at Year 10!