Year 10 Health and Physical Education

Year 10 Health and Physical Education

Course Description

The Year 10 Curriculum supports students to refine and apply strategies for maintaining a positive outlook and evaluating behavioural expectations in different leisure, social, movement and online situations. 

Topics may include:

Health and Physical Education are studied alongside each other at Year 10. The courses are unique and cover the following key ideas; 


  • Wellbeing and Change 
  • Rights and Responsibilities  
  • SHINE 

 Physical Education 

  • Athletics
  • Health
  • SEPEP 2  

Assessment and Rationale

Assessment of learning in Health is centred around collaboration with classmates and engagement with family. Students work in small groups to evaluate attitudes and beliefs about equality and respect.  Physical Education assessments will focus on practical engagement, data collection and student designed activities 

Additional Information

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Year 10 Health and Physical Education

Watch the video below for further insight, and to find out why we study Health and Physical Education in Year 10!