Year 10 Food and Hospitality A

Year 10 Food and Hospitality A

Course Description

In Year 10 Food and Hospitality students will explore the dynamic nature of working in today’s contemporary Food and Hospitality industry. Through stages of planning, preparation, production, presentation and evaluation students will develop skills in the use of technology and the associated safe work practices required when working with food. Additionally, students will consider contemporary issues relating to Food and Hospitality, such as nutrition and healthy eating practices, food and its relation to sustainability and the environment, as well as current food trends, both locally and globally. 

 Topics may include

  • Premade Meals- Budgeting and cost, branding, colours psychology, food orders and recipe conversions, nutrients
  • Professions in Hospitalities: Researching different professions, Interview a business, unpack skills and requirements, Create your own hospitality business, Menu development, marketing, pricing, Safety and Hygiene laws. 


Students are assessed against the technologies Australian Curriculum achievement standards in the following assessment types:  

  • Practical applications   
  • Written assignments   
  • Class participation  

Additional Information

There is a subject fee of $20.00 to cover some consumables required during practical classes.

Year 10 Food and Hospitality B

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