Year 10 Design and Technology A

Year 10 Design and Technology A

Course Description

Through the study of Design and Technology students develop the ability to identify, create, initiate, and develop products, processes, or systems. Students learn to use tools, materials, and systems safely and competently to complete a product. They explore techniques in both contemporary and historical settings, and analyse the impacts of technology, including social, environmental, and sustainable consequences. The Furniture Construction semester course is concerned with the study of traditional and contemporary methods of manufacturing framed articles of furniture such as Coffee Tables.

Topics from Learning Assessment Plan

Topics in the courses are divided into three main areas:

Skills and Applications

· Demonstration of processes and techniques in preparation for the realisation of their products.

· Investigation and analyse the characteristics and properties of two or more materials they care considering in the creation of their product.


· Create a need, design, constraints for chosen project. Then investigate and plan the project.


· Construction and evaluation of their project

Assessment and Rationale

Assessment is school based. Students demonstrate evidence of their learning through the following assessment types:

· Skills and Applications

· Folio

· Product

Further Information

Knowledge and understanding of machine use, techniques, safety and Work Health and Safety underpin all aspects of the course.


There is a subject fee of $15.00 to cover some consumables required during practical classes.

Year 10 Design and Technology A

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