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Innovation Studio 

Goolwa Secondary College is home to South Australia’s first Immersive Virtual Reality (IMVR) studio’s. In short this is a state of the art multifunctional space which can be used for a range of new and emerging technologies to support student learning.  

Our staff and students use this space in a range of ways including, immersive incursions, on-going Studio’s (elective classes) and extra-curricular activities such as our E-sports team. 

We have invested in a range of technologies and just some of these are outlined below; 

  • 4 IMVR systems (images inset) 
  • 30 Handheld virtual / augmented reality phones and headsets 
  • 15 mini drones 
  • 16 Kai Clan’s robotics units.  
  • Lego spike prime 
  • Sphero 
  • 360 degree camera’s 
  • CoSpaces  

To hear more about this space and its use so far please watch the video below;