Year 9 Visual Arts B

Year 9 Visual Arts B – Drawing and Painting, will take these two fundamental components of Visual Arts and delve deeper into their finer techniques. This is designed for artists of all levels, whether you consider yourself a beginner learning the basics or an experienced artist refreshing your skills. Students will explore drawing and painting with different mediums, subjects and paper types and further develop their understanding of the visual diary and use this as an Artistic Folio to refer back to on their artistic journey. In the Drawing and Painting elective, we will broaden your knowledge, develop your practice and deepen your engagement in Visual Arts.

Topics may include:

  • Drawing with varying weight pencils, charcoal, and ink 
  • Painting with acrylic, water colour and gouache 
  • Development and continued work on an artistic folio    


Students are assessed against The Arts achievement standards in the following assessment types:

  • Practical applications 
  • Folios of artist impression
  • Written evaluations

Additional Information:
Students will liaise with local artists and galleries within the community with excursions to local art galleries or interviews with accomplished local talent.

Additional non-contact time: