Year 9 Healthy Lifestyles

This elective enables students to develop their understanding of Physical Education in relation to lifelong health and fitness. The course includes research and understanding of dietary requirements, including fad and balanced diets and how these can be best implemented. Students will be actively involved in a range of physical activity that promotes building fitness, flexibility, strength and overall wellbeing through lifelong exercise.  Throughout the Semester, we will develop positive relationships with educators, peers, and exercise, with an emphasis on optimistic mindsets for continued movement and health.  

Topics may include:

Practical Topics

  • Pilates and yoga 
  • Weights training
  • Fitness boxing  

Theory Topics

  • Exercise and mental health relationship
  • Diet and the 80/20 theory 


Students are assessed against the Health and Physical Education Australian Curriculum achievement standards with the following assessment types:

  • Practical engagement 
  • Written assignments 
  • Evaluations

Additional Information:
Students must wear appropriate footwear and clothing for physical activity including shoes that are appropriate for practical lessons and long hair tied back. We are in the process of organising a potential membership at a local gym which may incur a small fee.

Additional non-contact time:
If a camping excursion is planned, this will include an overnight stay.