Year 9 Food and Hospitality B

Year 9 Food and Hospitality (Desserts) aims to teach students techniques and skills required for making desserts. Making desserts successfully requires its own unique skill set and approach compared to other areas of cooking. Students will need to be patient, creative, precise and organized in order to succeed. Of equal importance, are the kitchen hygiene and safe food-handling rules that apply to making desserts and food presentation, the icing on the cake, so to speak. 

Topics may include:

  • Safety, Hygiene and Food Safety around desserts 
  • Food Presentation: Why it matters! 
  • The science of desserts: What’s happening in the oven? 
  • Being precise and consistent: Why it matters! 
  • How teamwork makes the dream work: the importance of working well with others in the kitchen


Students are assessed against the technologies Australian Curriculum achievement standards in the following assessment types:

  • Practical applications 
  • Written assignments 
  • Class participation 

Additional Information:

Additional non-contact time:
Students create a dessert dish that is presented at break time to either family, friends or staff.